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    BETTY BOOP & CAB CALOWAY Minnie the Moocher (1932)


    by andythebeagle

    Betty Boop and Cab Calloway make a great team

    A Jewish mother and father scold their daughter, Betty Boop, not for her revealing dress, but for refusing to eat. Pa yells at her so much that his head becomes a phonograph playing the same old record. Betty runs away from the table. Even Ma is getting sick of Pa's yelling, so she turns over the record to play some music. Meanwhile, Betty sings about her woes as she walks up the stairs, declaring that she'll eat worms and die. Instead, she rolls up her toothbrush in a blanket and leaves a note. It says, "I'm leaving Home because you're not Sweet to me. I won't ever be Home again."

    Betty Boop runs away from home with her friend, Bimbo the Dog. They end up in a cave where a walrus, with Cab Calloway's voice, sings "Minnie the Moocher" and dances to the melancholy song. He is joined in the performance by various ghosts, goblins, skeletons and other frightening things. Betty and Bimbo are subjected to skeletons drinking at a bar; ghost prisoners sitting in electric chairs; a mother cat with skull-like eyes feeding her equally empty-eyed kittens; and worse.