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    L122 is READ THE FBI ending my Bible notes at FriendFeed then Multiply then again when FriendFeed closed 4-9-15.


    by Mikeoverson

    From 171
    Viddler was also deleting my videos, read 171 at

    This class L122 was about trying to stop Multiply from ending their social networking by 12-1-12, (like Viddler was doing), because it was the last place to post my Bible notes after FriendFeed stop taking zip files. I believe this class did help postpone Multiply from closing for three months. I reposted my Bible Notes at FriendFeed in PDF but then they closed on 4-9-15. I wrote about how unfair and illegal the FBI was being to me through YouTube and FriendFeed at class L127L

    After I read that Multiply was closing on 12-1-12 then it suddenly dawned on me, (on 11-15-12), that this was another evil attack to stop information from the one, (that’s me), so I made this class to expose this evil this attack and to try to convince people that if you tolerate one persons rights to be violated that it won’t be long untill your rights are violated, (^see the thumbnail^). Stopping human rights violations is like putting out a fire, if you respond quickly it is easy to put the fire out but if you tolerate injustice too long it can turn into a wildfire that violates everybody’s rights, (see class L97 @ 11min, rated R).

    Class L127J has the best summary proof that you don't have to “go along to get along” with these bullies, (the long version is my patriotic playlist 7

    I have a timeline of closed hosting sites at

    Read and /or see how I dealt with these bullies at class 167 After I won this battle I found out how much I was in sync with the song

    You think that maybe it's over

    Only if you want it to be

    Are you gonna wait for a sign, your miracle?

    Stand up and fight

    (This is it)

    Make no mistake where you are

    (This is it)

    Your back's to the corner

    (This is it)

    Don't be a fool anymore

    (This is it)

    The waiting is over

    No one can tell you what you know
    Who makes the choice of how it goes
    It's not up to me this time
    Comes a day in every life

    THIS IS IT is #13 and 14 on playlist 12 It also has playlists about why my classes are ending prematurely at PL2, 3, 5, 9 & 11 or read L112

    This class L122 is also about Mark 13:11 which means God can carry you through a crisis when it’s too hard for you to do it on your own. I show examples of that in the help I got to make classes L105 to this one L122, they were all made trying to stop evil attacks on me that were too hard for me to fight on my own. Then heaven did it again, (but not because I was in danger), as I explained at the top of