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    Little Lulu
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    Little Lulu is the nickname for Lulu Moppet, a comic strip character created in 1935 by Marjorie Henderson Buell. The character debuted in The Saturday Evening Post on 23 February 1935 in a single panel, appearing as a flower girl at a wedding and strewing the aisle with banana peels. Little Lulu replaced Carl Anderson's Henry, which had been picked up for distribution by King Features Syndicate. The Little Lulu panel continued to run weekly in The Saturday Evening Post until 30 December 1944.

    Little Lulu was created as a result of Anderson's success. Schlesinger Library curator Kathryn Allamong Jacob wrote:

    Lulu was born in 1935, when The Saturday Evening Post asked Buell to create a successor to the magazine’s Henry, Carl Anderson’s stout, mute little boy, who was moving on to national syndication. The result was Little Lulu, the resourceful, equally silent (at first) little girl whose loopy curls were reminiscent of the artist’s own as a girl. Buell explained to a reporter, "I wanted a girl because a girl could get away with more fresh stunts that in a small boy would seem boorish".

    Little Lulu is reading comic books when her father finds her. He instructs her to read something of value and sends her to her room with a copy of "Jack and the Beanstalk." Lulu reads the story, but still prefers her comic books and superheroes. She falls asleep and dreams that her father has gone up a magic beanstalk. Lulu follows her father to a giant's castle in the clouds, where he is trapped. Lulu uses her superhero alter-ego to fight the giant and save her father. When Lulu wakes up, she discovers that her father has been tied up by a burglar and must use her superhero knowledge to really save the day.