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    ESWC 2012 by MsTsN


    par RedacVaKarM

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    Hey !

    This is just a quick readme file to explain a few things about this movie.

    First of all unfortunatly i couldnt get online my whole footage about group A online in time that's why in the first part there is not that much footage .
    I want also to apologize because i used one footage from Ey3shield & casting from theDemoVault and i forgot to put them on the credits at the end so i put it here !
    Musics used can be found at the end of the movie.

    Thanks to Steelseries, Crystal-serv, Askew, Gaming-Store which are supporting and allows me to get all that footage !

    I know it's not my best movie, but i still hope you'll enjoy it !

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