Does Time Really Exist(2011)

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It is a question that has vexed philosophers and scientists for centuries; 'What is Time?' Exactly how is our past, present, and future connected by that arrow of cause and effect that we call Time? Is time simply another dimension, just like the dimensions of space we know? Can you run time backwards just as easily as it runs forward, just as left-to-right can swap for right-to-left? If other universes exist, then what is time like in them: could their Time be different from ours? And we'll probe the biggest question about time: Is our future determined? Do we exercise free will? Or, is time merely a dream?


Through the Wormhole
Season 2
Episode 3
First Aired:2011-06-22
By costello74 last year
Let's start with the basic energy of reality. We don't know what this energy is when stripped to its very core. We may never be able to detect it. We DO know this energy cannot be created or destroyed (1st law of thermodynamics). In other words, basic energy must remain active. It cannot be stilled. It must retain an ability to escape any force that attempts to still it. Quantum mechanics gives us a glimpse of this escape artistry.

Since energy must always keep moving in order to keep existing, it needs both time and space to do so. It apparently creates its own time and space. Time and space have different properties in the quantum world. For example, if you see the basic energy of everything as vibrating strings as suggested by string theory, what we imagine as vibration may be quantum leaps from one dimension to another in the quantum world. The rapidity and complexity of these quantum leaps may determine what properties this energy has and what its function is in the macroscosm.
By Freethinker51 last year