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    SAOLTVISION Song Contest - Glasgow 2012 (Recap)

    Nikita Volkov

    by Nikita Volkov

    DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional contest, in no way related to the Eurovision Song Contest or the EBU. I'm no owner of the rights of the songs and there's no copyright infraction intended. This is just a personal project made for the fun of it, with no commercial or lucrative aims. All rights reserved to the respective owners any source materials used for this project.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Saoltvision 2012!

    Following United Kingdom's second victory in a row last year with "In this shirt" by The Irrepressibles, fictional Saoltvision Song Contest moves northbound to Glasgow to celebrate its 6th edition.

    You can vote for your top 10 songs in the Eurovision style (i.e. 12 points to your favourite song, 10 points to your 2nd favourite, 8 to the 3rd and so on till 1 point to your 10th). You shall cast your votes on behalf of one of the countries you have NOT voted for (i.e. you can be the jury for Belgium if Belgium is not among your ten favourites). The whole procedure will be followed through the corresponding Facebook event and the comments below. Drop a line if you wanna take part!