Red Bull Astronaut Stunt Gone Wrong!

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A stunt this dumb was destined for failure. What did he think would happen?


To Summerthrow
Comments like yours are the worst. You know nothing about the guy in the video..."he likely broke his back" yea maybe fucked his back up, but obviously not paralyzed and it will heal with time. We don't know, we assume. And on your assumption you attack the person who posted it. Maybe the guy who jumped posted it. While not knowing who posted it or how the guy ended up and based on your assumptions (you obviously know everything) you blast insults and judgments at him, as well as tell him how he should think, also judge/define how good of a person/friend he is...not to mention accuse him of exploitation. Why the hell did you even watch it? Not my business, so mind your own.
By dm_51f7cd041bd7f last year
Is he OK?
By rfkk 2 years ago
Still makes me laugh! The fact he's drinking Relentless energy drink and not Red Bull, and that there wasnt really any safe way to do this stunt.
By Sam Frigget 2 years ago
The first video in a LONG while thats actually made me genuinely laugh out loud.
By Sam Frigget 2 years ago
not so funny... eventualy a broken arse.?family_filter=0
By dm_50a5c29d7235c 2 years ago
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