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    Bizarre Beach Scene After Thousands of Starfish Wash Ashore

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    Thousands of starfish wash ashore creating a bizarre beach scene.

    It's a treat to see just one or two starfish.

    Imagine witnessing tens of thousands of starfish that washed up on a beach in Ireland.

    The large majority of the estimated 50 thousand that appeared on Lissadell Beach in Ireland showed no signs of life, but a few of the starfish responded, when placed in water.

    Scientists are theorizing that the massive amount of deaths can be attributed to recent stormy weather that carried the starfish to shore.

    No other kinds of sea life were washed up with the starfish.

    Marine biologist, and lecturer at Sligo Institute of Technology Bill Crowe told the Belfast Telegraph that the starfish were probably feeding on mussels when they were swept up by a storm.

    There are further investigations being made into the incident, which is similar to what happened in Cork, Ireland earlier this year, when thousands of dead starfish also were washed ashore.

    Another weather related animal massacre happened in Northern Iceland, where an estimated ten thousand sheep went missing or were killed by a blizzard that swept through the area in September.