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    An Alleged Abduction Ends Up Being Misunderstanding

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    An alleged abduction turns out to be just a terrible mistake.

    A recent so-called kidnapping turned out to be an innocent mistake. Nine-year-old, Courtney Durr was waiting outside for her mom’s friend to pick her up after school.

    The man involved in the incident, Art Deaner was supposed to pick up his friend’s daughter, also named Courtney at the same location. When he pulled up, he told the young girl he was looking for Courtney, so she hesitantly got in his vehicle.

    However Deaner was supposed to pick up six-year-old Courtney Fetters, who he hadn’t seen in some time. During the ride, Deaner realized he had the wrong child and tried to turn around but police were already on his tail, as the crossing guard gave officers his license plate, fearing a possible kidnapping.

    Law enforcement soon realized it as all just a mistake and Durr was reunited with her mother. Earlier this year, another attempted abduction turned out to be just a misunderstanding.

    Colorado police claimed that a male child on a bicycle was approached by a man in a car. However the vehicle’s driver called officers and informed them that he stopped to look for an address and waved to the boy, signaling that it was okay to cross the intersection.