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    Man Busted for Smuggling 220 Diamonds By Swallowing Them


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    A man is arrested for trying to smuggle 220 diamonds by swallowing them.

    Sure diamonds are worth a ton of money, but it’s still surprising what some people will do to obtain or smuggle them. Recently, South African authorities arrested arrested a man supposedly of Lebanese origin in Johannesburg airport as he waited to get on a plane.

    The male was reportedly venturing to Dubai but his travel plans were foiled after a body scan revealed that he had ingested 220 diamonds, worth more than $2 million. An official states “We nabbed him just before he went through the security checkpoint”.

    It is currently believed that the suspect is part of a smuggling organization, which may not be surprising given that South Africa is known to be one of the biggest diamond producers. Earlier this year, another diamond loving soul committed a similar act.

    A Utah woman, Angela Hardman asked a Macy’s employee to try on a $4,000 engagement ring, which became stuck on her finger, requiring moisturizer for removal. She then handed a ring and security label to a different employee who observed it was not the same piece.