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    Dog DNA Tests Proposed to Catch Repeat Poop Offenders

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    by Geo Beats

    Dog DNA tests may be conducted in Kent to catch repeat poop-leaving offenders.

    Stepping in dog doo… it’s one of those incidents that can ruin an innocent person’s day. Residents in Kent, United Kingdom have recently complained to the council about the abundance of canine waste.

    Officials are considering a radical approach to catching stubborn offenders. If waste from canines continues to pose a problem in the area, dog masters will have to submit DNA samples from their pet to officials.

    The DNA will be entered into a computer system and any poo found in the neighborhoods can then be matched. Pooch owners may then be prosecuted with the indisputable waste evidence.

    Apparently for the time being, a dog warden will be physically monitoring the popular poop sites in the town, trying to catch both dog and owner red-handed.

    Recently a company called Poo Print, asked city officials in Dallas to utilize DNA tests to help keep the city free of dog poop.

    While the business’s idea was initially taken lightly by council members, a nearby apartment complex uses the program to fine dog-owning renters who refuse to clean up.