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    Bird Discovered With Camera Containing Fish Photos

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A bird is discovered with a camera, containing fish photos stuck around its neck.

    What would happen if a bird has a camera?

    A woman in Canada was driving when she spotted a black water bird that seemed to be hassled by something that was caught around its neck.

    She got out of her vehicle and approached the calm bird. She easily removed the item, which turned out to be a camera from around its neck. The bird flew off, but the lady took the camera home and inserted the memory card into her computer.

    There were over 200 pictures from last year, many of which were photos of large fish, men holding fish and a few wedding snapshots.

    After several months, a man came forward who knew the owner of the camera.

    Apparently the male went to help his friend nab a fish and lost his camera into the canal beneath, until a nosy bird picked it up.

    Earlier this year, another bird couldn’t resist a tempting camera.

    A seagull stole the device from a San Francisco tourist. The camera was still recording when the bird snatched it and it flew around catching panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge.