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    Israeli Mice Trained to Sniff Bombs

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    by Geo Beats

    Israeli mice are being trained to sniff bombs.

    Humans use mice for a variety of reasons ranging from research to food.

    Now mice in Israel have a new job: bomb sniffing.

    Israeli officials are training the tiny creatures to readily detect explosives. Mice are known to have extremely keen senses, which may be why they were chosen for the task. Thus far, the operation has been quite successful, as several dozen mice have been drafted into the military.

    The group behind the mice-training system is BioExplorers. The founder of the company states “The idea began in 2000/2001, when there were many suicide bombings on Israeli buses. I was in the army at the time, and the idea emerged to use small animals instead of dogs in detecting suicide bombers.”

    Animals have been used in military for a long time. The Ukrainian navy has recently begun training dolphins to assist in attacking enemies.

    The dolphins' jobs will include going after enemy swimmers, marking items of interest with buoys, patrolling the waters and investigating underwater mines.

    Dubbed 'killer dolphins', amazingly, they will utilize knives and guns, which will be attached to their heads while attacking enemies.