Bad Habit (Offspring Parody) Boating Version

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Watch the rage unfold in 1080p on YouTube:

Lyrics below. Got this idea a year or two ago after finishing the safe boating course. I actually am a 'safe boater,' and do love jetskiing. This isn't really a

comical parody so much as a satirical spinoff applying the principles of road rage to the water, but people who live on the water and rednecks might like it.

Available in HD, but some clips and pictures are at a lower resolution.

Twitter: (I don't post on these too often)

Hey man you know my ship's in seashape
The flare in my hand will tell you the same
But when I'm in my boat don't give me no CRAB
Cause the slightest mistake and I'll put a crack
In your hulllllll!!!

When I go boating I never give way
If you cut me off, you'll be swimming with the rays
Open the throttle, PFDs aside
When I ride, all the dolphins go hide

Cause I gotta bad habit
Leave behind a big wake Yeah! Yeah!
Cause I gotta bad habit
Dominate the waterway Yeah! Yeah! Yeaheeah ooooohhhh! WHOAOHUOAH!!

They say this river's got danger buoys
If you don't change course, you'll be calling a MAYDAY
It's red right return, don't drive on my stern
Or you'll watch your old boat burn

Cause I gotta bad habit
I throw plastic in the bay Yeah! Yeah!
Cause I gotta bad habit
Put pontoons in their place Yeah! Yeah! Yeaheeah ooooohhhh!

Jetskiers are rude
So loud and crude
Disturbing the peace
Jump my wake
See the big Yachts
At mansion docks
You stupid crabbers
Goddamn duck hunters!

Hate em aaaaaallll.
I open the flarebox, reach inside
Gonna blow this dude outta the brine
Cause I gotta bad habit
It's the Coast Guard, oh hey! Yeah! Yeah!
Cause I gotta bad habit
They took my license away Yeah! Yeah! Yeaheeah ooooohhh!

Contains some visuals from NBC Universal, Columbia Pictures, Discovery Channel, TLC, Spike, SciFi, and others that I don't know since they came from other YouTubers's

videos. Instrumental combined from a tabs website and some various covers from YouTube.