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    Krystal at Racoon city J'Lostein singing

    Robert Newell

    by Robert Newell

    had not done any videos in a while, since Avia/Balsa went down that and with all the issues with SL lately n making it near imposable to do anything wit any decent quality. pretty much this test broke my system yet again so managed to salvage this video clip. The audio is from a nice lady on YouTube she was doing a cover song live and it was beamed into Krystal got rid of the instruments they couldn't keep up with the latency issues. Sometimes deal with live venues in sl but not done music video in years so wanted to try again

    The audio made her animations flip out towards he end as the singer started getting into the song.
    The Singers name is J'Lostein
    ther few versions she has of this cover on her site

    this is her channel --> she pretty frigging good..
    I usually have live singer fer Krystal but she got busy.. this is all just screwing around with things anyway..