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    Top 7 Fun Facts About Thanksgiving Day

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Learn 7 fun facts about Thanksgiving day.

    Here are 7 fun facts about Thanksgiving Day:

    Number 7 - It was during the Civil War in 1863 that President Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday of November as a thanksgiving day. However, it was declared a national holiday by congress in 1941.

    Number 6 - In 1939, President Roosevelt changed Thanksgiving day moving it to third Thursday instead of last Thursday of November. The change was done in order to encourage people to shop more during the great depression. However, there was a lot of public outcry and 2 years later Thanksgiving was moved back to the last day of November.

    Number 5 - According to Time magazine, President Thomas Jefferson hated the idea of Thanksgiving and thought it was "the most ridiculous idea conceived".

    Number 4 - Macy’s thanksgiving parade started in 1924, every year since then, it has been presented by Macy's in New York City on the thanksgiving day.

    Number 3 - Did you know that Macy's thanksgiving parade includes over a dozen massive balloons with Snoopy holding the record for the most appearances?

    Number 2 - Supposedly, in 1953, the idea of first frozen dinner came up when Swanson Company used 260 tons of its Thanksgiving turkey leftovers and packed it along with peas, sweet potatoes, and corn bread stuffing.

    Number 1 - According to the American Automobile Association, nearly 42.5 million Americans traveled a distance of 50 miles or more during the thanksgiving weekend in 2011.