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    'Dusting', a Deadly New Trend

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    In a terrifying report, the dusting trend is gaining popularity among eighth graders and others.

    In a shocking and terrifying report, dusting is become more and more popular with not just teens, but a study from 2011 names eighth graders as the ‘biggest abusers’.

    The term refers to household cleaning products, more specifically computer dusting cans, which are inhaled.

    The high causes users to initially feel paralyzed for several minutes which then morphs into a state of ecstasy and relaxation. What makes the trend even more harrowing is that these items can be found in stores, homes, offices and even schools.

    Recent cases have shown an increase in the rate of dusting related adolescent deaths. The canned dusters are said to be so potent that users can die upon the first attempt to get high.

    Parents always need to be alert, watching for warning signs in their kids, including dazed or glassy eyes, empty containers, weight loss and mood changes. In recent years, many of the larger retailer chains have placed an age restriction on computer cleaners, meaning only aged 18 plus people can buy the containers.