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    Florida Man Allegedly Shoots Six Cows

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    by Geo Beats

    A Florida man was arrested for shooting six of his neighbor's cows.

    A Flagler county, Florida resident, Justin, allegedly shot six cows. The animals belonged to his neighbor, who called police when he noticed his cows were missing and he heard gunshots.

    The cows had been shot in the face, backside, shoulder and ribs. Justin claimed that the animals broke a fence and began eating his horse feed. He continued to say he fired warning shots into the air, however when the cows ran back to their owner, they were all heavily bleeding.

    Justin has now been charged with killing or aggravated abuse to cattle. The cows were placed on antibiotics following the shooting.

    Earlier this year, another man allegedly committed a horrid act against cows. Michael Evans reportedly trespassed onto a privately owned farm and shot two cows with a rifle.

    He is said to have left one on the property and tied the other animal to the back of his vehicle and dragged it back to his house. Evans later dissected the cow. He was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.