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    Washington, DC Could Be Inundated With Wild Pigs

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    by Geo Beats

    Experts say wild pigs could be a big problem for Washington, DC.

    Wild pigs, sometimes known as wild boar are an invasive animal species that may be headed towards Washington, DC.

    According to an article in The Washington Post, thousands of wild pigs that are currently established in Virginia could easily make their way into the capital within the next five to ten years.

    Manageable populations of pigs have inhabited areas near Virginia Beach for many years, but have spread quickly to northern counties like Fauquier, which is only about an hour from downtown DC.

    The population has grown rapidly as female hogs give birth around twice a year with litters of 5-6 pigs and the suggestion that wild hogs are being imported into Virginia. Biologists and game department officials believe that hunters looking to track and kill an exotic animal have trapped and transported the pigs from other states.

    Listed as an invasive species on the USDA’s website, the wild pig causes significant damage to native plants and crops and can be a danger to any wildlife within their territory. Their jaws are amazingly strong and can break bones without difficulty.

    It is believed that 85 percent of their diet is vegetation and the hogs will root, crush and feed on crop fields. Estimated U.S. agricultural and environmental damage from wild hogs is said to cost $1.5 billion yearly.