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    Brazilian Hotel Offers Discreet Place for Dogs to Have Sex


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    An upscale dog hotel in Brazil urges canines to mate.

    Romantic getaways and trendy hotels apparently aren’t just for humans. Brazil is now home to a new upscale establishment….for dogs.

    At eight stories high, the building resides in an affluent neighborhood. Featuring a spa, dog beer which is beef flavored, ceiling mirrors, red mattresses and privacy curtains, pooches have everything they need to get in the mood.

    Dog owners will shell out roughly $50 for each love-making session which the hotel will organize. The business also boasts artificial insemination services.

    The owners, a brother and sister unit, invested an astounding $1 million to open the enterprise in July of this year. While the concept may seem bizarre to some, local residents are raving. One dog owner states “I adore the romantic feel of this place”.

    Apparently upscale pampering procedures are breaking into the canine market. A doctor in São Paolo, Brazil offers injections for dogs. Instead of Botox, a dermal filler gel is inserted to plump the affected area and remove sagging.

    How do you like the idea of a discreet-upscale hotel for dogs?