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    [Vietsub] Land Of The Anaconda

    Mạnh Lân Võ

    bởi Mạnh Lân Võ

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    - Storyline: Portrayed in Hollywood as a boat-swallowing mutant reptile, this educational wildlife documentary might better represent this elusive snake of South America. While there is no discrepancy in regard to the Anaconda being the largest serpent on earth -- some surpassing 30 feet in length -- this video details the more scientific facts concerning this cold-blooded swamp dweller. Scientist Jesus Rivas takes the viewer on an excursion down into the Venezuelan delta to learn about such pertinent facts as the snakes sleeping and hunting techniques, mating rituals, and survival instincts. In typical National Geographic fashion this video is graphic and straightforward while still maintaining the highest level of entertainment.
    - Production Co.: National Geographic
    - Year of Release:
    - Translator: Vo Manh Lan