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    State of the Legion Volume 2


    by HiTechLegion

    Please read while watching:
    State of the Legion is a weekly video blog hosted by Paul E. Marini Jr. Editor in Chief of HiTech Legion and the HiTech Legion Netowrk.
    In this weekly series Paul will discuss different topics that may be of interest in the computer component industry, on occasion show some products that will be reviewed by HiTech Legion. Talk about interesting news and have the occasional rant while answering emails from HiTech Legion Network members. Paul will also announce any contests that may be coming up on the HiTech Legion Network.

    This is a series in which following volumes may be continuations to the prior series. This series is not to deceive any viewers or network members it is tagged under Technology due to the nature of what the HiTech Legion network is and that is a media outlet that publishes online content based on Computer Hardware, Software, Video Games, Gadgets and all things tech.