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    Pastor Troy - This Tha City


    par krayziebone

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    Dale De Souza
    AHHHHH WE READYYYY. hahahh this is my shit rite herre
    Par Dale De SouzaIl y a 6 ans
    Rich Mundo
    Troy u better get these lil homothugs out the game, before I get my change up, Resurrection of Pimp C thru Me, No time to assume What I do, Lil Buddy Im TRU, Like C Murder, GEtting Nickels on dem like P, Get it, call Me Uncle, See that money its Shitted, See that Gold, I swim in it, Scrooge, Bah Humbug, these sucker niggas Buggin, both ways, Go to them people, cause They know I didnt even do recess in School, So when My Money On the line, why these boys think something else on my mind, but now these niggas got a big battle to prepare for, I dont even got a Card, Im bout to Jerry Jones you niggas, yall wanna be Pacman, Well meet the ghost, with the most DOGS OFF THE CHAIN, I DONT BREED OR RIDE HORSES, I BREED PITS AND FEED EM
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans
    Rich Mundo
    I come from the City that they dont play Pyru, Aint no gang affilation or COmpton connect, Must I say Damu, cause Thats the last thang I remember, Sucker niggas came to the club just to fight, Now Im Living just to make my life right, BY ANY MEANS NECEssary, I stop thinking like MLK jr. in Middle School, I stop thinking like Malcolm X in College, I started thinking like Hitler When I started working, Got Damn College Degree, still 11.25 when they let these illegal immigrants and GEDs Pass by, Damn Time passing me by, it aint a Far Side, Im right on the side, of life, but a dude getting old, Im Stone Cold, with a Goldberg Swaga, but I result to them Longhorns, cause these dudes wearing skirts, I aint the last King of Scotland, Im the Ruler of Past Present Future and mock Egypts, check the origin, Ill give u a date, How Atlanta dont play Troy on the radio when He cranked this shit for G A, I guess Pimp C was right, Im going back to Texas
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans
    Rich Mundo
    Pastor forgive them??? They have sinned, Im drinking again, Im not driving because of MAAD, but im working because of the situation, Im not at the station, Forget the radio, we been on free 2 ways when yall was just getting FLip Phones, Okay Carlos SLim rich, but he aint slim, plus I got a Diva in Mexico, that peep his moves, Hindu, Muslim, and the A rabs got a debt thats bigger than the gas shortage, Keep practicing on the ground, aint no blood in my feet, I suggest yall buy some Pastor Troy CDs, Cause I know dudes who think just like Troy, THey Ready, I been Ready, deleted some, wear the WWF Belt, but know we Strong Man, this aint street fighting, this Ultimate Fighting, Look at the Lighting, yall softer than Chyna, So get on a Reality Show, because we gone slow yall on the show of Real, Pull Cards again, Man what they do, for what, what to gain, oh them dudes cant talk, make them beg for their life and wife back, We in the studio, Legal Kingpins controlling commodities no trading pl
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans