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Now there is a gamma portal monitor that detects without fail and causes no queues. An alarm is triggered only if a person with a radiation source walks through the monitor. They will be taken aside and checked thoroughly to locate the source and if necessary take security precautions. Not so the conventional portal monitors. False alarms are often triggered without any conceivable reason and require the examination of every single person. This annoys people to be checked and frustrates employees alike. Security falls by the wayside!
But this is a thing of the past now! The RADOS FastTrack-Fibre does not compromise detection limits or false alarm rates. Security builds Satisfaction. RADOS FastTrack-Fibre – The new generation of gamma portal monitors! Presented by Mirion Technologies – Contact us and experience the difference: Ruhrstrasse 49, DE-22761 Hamburg, + 49 (0) 40 85 193-0, hamburg-sales@mirion.com, http://www.mirion.com, http:/

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