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    One in five people who bought goods across EU borders encountered problems, but only 5% took their cases to an 'Alternative Dispute Resolution' scheme and less than one in ten businesses have used one. MEPs want an EU-wide scheme to improve cross-border trade and make disputes easier to resolve, especially online. What we hope will be the result will be that more people will buy abroad, more people will sell abroad, that the internal market will be reinforced and the digital single market will function properly. After the scandal at Barclays – and almost certainly other banks – in which dealers sought to influence the inter-bank lending rate, MEPs are demanding stiffer penalties. The Commission wants harmonised punishments for market abuse. MEPs want five-year jail terms for the most serious offences. Minimum sentences are something that is up to the judge, absolutely, but what we can do is put an underlying limit that they should be at least. Where is the money? Do you want me to tell you? Where is the money? -It's in the ocean, here! We've heard a lot of negative news about Greece during the crisis. Now an Austrian film maker has produced a documentary which has been shown to MEPs to prove there's still a positive side to Greece. It shows a different picture of Greece. It's blooming, it has lots of potential, great people and great cooking. That's there as well! We always get information about how bad things are, what doesn't work, what's not happening as planned and now we see the other side. We see blooming Greece. That's something different and very important to see too.

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