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    Intruder Steals Tower of London Keys

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    An intruder reportedly snatches the keys to the Tower of London.

    A brazen thief has reportedly targeted the famous Tower of London. According to reports, an incident occurred on November 6th.

    A female official for the Historic Royal Palaces claims the security was slacking, stating that “procedures were not carried out to the expected standard”, which allowed an intruder to get through the first gate. Several keys went missing including ones for conference rooms, drawbridges and a restaurant.

    The suspected prowler was soon caught on the grounds by guardsmen, but thus far no arrests have been made. The Crown Jewels, which reside at the Tower were never in any danger during the incident and all locks were changed shortly after.

    Founded in 1066, the Tower of London has served as a royal court, a prison, a mint, and an armory. This is where thousands of people were imprisoned, brutally tortured, and executed.

    There have been numerous reports of haunted spirits at the Tower of London. Queen Anne Boleyn and Thomas a Becket are two ghosts that were reportedly spotted on site.