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    Couple Having Sex Near Tracks Cause Train Delay

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    A passenger train is stopped due to couple having sex near the tracks.

    There are a whole slew of reasons why train passengers may experience a delay. Sex usually isn’t one of them.

    Recently a train operator in Sweden made the decision to halt a train after he received information that a car was parked a little too close to the tracks. Fearing the vehicle’s occupant could be a copper thief or someone with suicidal thoughts, he stopped the train loaded with passengers as a precautionary measure.

    The train driver then approached the car and was shocked to discover a couple passionately having sex. A train dispatcher stated “The driver told them they weren't being very discrete there and asked them to get moving”.

    Several years ago, another couple chose train tracks as a location for a sexual encounter, however the outcome turned tragic. The couple had met a tavern and later engaged in sex on the railroad tracks.

    A train driver spotted them and honked the horn ‘but they continued with their business’. Sadly, the train fatally struck them.