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    Man Claims He Was Watering Pot Plant for Dead Friend

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    by Geo Beats

    A man is arrested for having alligator hides in his home and a growing marijuana plant.

    Officers recently arrested a 51-year-old Gainesville man following the discovery of alligator hides and a cannabis plant.

    An anonymous report surfaced that the male was killing gators, so two Fish and Wildlife officials arrived at his home. The officers found alligator meat in the freezer and two hides on the grounds, one of which was nailed to a board.

    The suspect told officials that he used a hook and line in a sinkhole to catch the giant creatures. The man also had a marijuana plant growing in his backyard. He told police that he was only watering it for a friend who passed away.

    He was arrested and now faces felony charges including cultivating marijuana and obtaining an alligator illegally. Earlier this year, an alligator and illegal substances meshed together in an odd report.

    Police recently arrested a 32-year-old man, Michael Golden. Following reports of drug dealing, officers descended on the residence, they found 159 grams of “kind bud” cannabis and a three-foot long gator living in a cage.

    The alligator was sent to a rescue organization and Golden faces multiple legal charges.