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    Suspect Attempts Robbery, Leaves Own Wallet Behind

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    Attempted robbery suspect leaves his own wallet behind at the scene.

    Some criminals are highly skilled or lucky. Others…..not so much. Recently, a male from Port Orange, 42-year-old, Terry Smith badly bungled a robbery attempt.

    He reportedly got into a taxi and asked the driver if he could sit in the front seat because he was carsick. When they reached the destination, Smith tried to grab the driver’s wallet and mobile phone but failed as the victim was not releasing them without a fight.

    The suspect ran off, but the driver soon discovered that Smith left his own wallet behind. The wallet was handed over to police, who quickly arrested him and he was charged with attempted robbery.

    Smith isn’t the only one to make such a huge mistake. An Ohio man, Rodney Peterson robbed a BP gas station on August 18th.

    According to law enforcement, Peterson used a broken bottle as weapon to intimidate the cashier, stole money from the cash register and fled the scene. However, Peterson left his photo identification card on the counter.