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    Humans Getting Dumber As Species

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    A scientist claims humans are potentially getting dumber as a species.

    Are humans getting dumber as a species?

    Stanford University professor Gerald Crabtree’s research into human kind’s intelligence suggests that due to the low level of competition for basic necessities in the modern world, the best and brightest aren’t the only ones naturally selected for survival and procreation anymore.

    Civilization and modern medicine allow for even the dumbest and most physically unfit to survive and pass their genes on to the next generation.

    In the distant past, survival wasn’t so easy.

    The Darwinian concept of evolution dictates that only the people who could navigate the complexities of life on earth would be able to live on and provide for their offspring.

    Crabtree says: “New developments in genetics, anthropology, and neurobiology… make a clear prediction that our intellectual and emotional abilities are genetically surprisingly fragile.”

    When comparing genomes of parents and their children, it turns out that there are somewhere between 25 and 65 DNA mutations between each generation.

    Other scientists oppose Crabtree’s ideas saying that there is no real way to test his theory.

    What do you think? Are humans getting dumber due to the conveniences of modern life?