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    Watch Man Pull 8-ton Truck With His Ear


    by IBTimes


    A Georgian strongman on Wednesday (November 14) moved a lorry weighing over eight tones pulling it with a rope tied to his left ear.

    Thirty two-year-old Lasha Pataraya set his personal record at a race track in the town of Rustavi, 20 kilometres from capital Tbilisi.

    "I've taken up this weight to beat my previous record of 7,850 kilos. Today I moved eight and a half tones," Pataraya said after a successful second attempt to move a heavy vehicle.

    Pataraya who himself weighs 94 kilos have tried his skills before with moving different objects. On his record list are a minivan weighing 4,500 kilos and even a helicopter of 7,734 kilos.

    He plans his next record setting event in two weeks when he wants to beat his current record of 8,280 kilos and eventually be recognized by the Guinness Book of Records.