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    Surprise Gorilla Born at Ramat Gan Safari Park in Israel


    by IBTimes


    Anya and Lia, two female gorillas, are the latest proud mothers to give birth at Ramat Gan Safari Park in Israel.

    The new-born cubs were born over the past ten days bringing the number of cubs born at the park to ten.

    The Zoo keepers are very proud of this achievement since, gorillas are endangered in the wild and this will help increase their numbers.

    "We are here because we have a great celebration because in ten days we have two new cubs of gorillas the male that we see here behind us is Lucas, he is a silver back and the father of the two cubs and the big male here," Vicka Moalim a safari worker said on Wednesday (November 14).

    Lucas, the male silverback and proud father of the two new-borns, keeps a watchful eye over the mothers and babies alike.

    Staff at the zoo knew about one of the female gorillas being pregnant but the second birth came as a very pleasant surprise.

    "First cub was born ten days ago and three days ago we were very surprised because also Lia gave birth to the second cub and Lucas (silverback) is very very protective and taking really good care of their kids," Moalim added.