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    Ian Delgado

    by Ian Delgado

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    Feadal Arafat
    Hey thank you but Im really not sure if I won yet. I haven't recieved an email or anything. The results page is really confusing. Oh there was a another video in front of me too. Hopefully I stay in first and another video gets chosen to be in third.
    By Feadal Arafat3 years ago
    Feadal Arafat
    Great advice! After reading your comment I watched your video again. Your techniques really do sell the effects!
    So great job man! really smart to use the blue/green from the computer screen too.
    By Feadal Arafat3 years ago
    Feadal Arafat
    I ike this video man!
    you were one of the only ones that used all of the effects with the correct camera angles, so it looks very real.
    did you use a green screen for some parts? got any film tips?
    By Feadal Arafat3 years ago