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    Living in the Moment | David Mitchell's Soapbox


    by DavidMitchellSoapbox

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    Frank blackcrow
    You were happy, and now your trying harder to be happier than what you were, and in a way that's sad, so from the point of being a sad case trying to be happier than what you already are, you can only achieve a state of not being a sad case, which is still a sad state to be in, it reminds me of the snake eating its own tail, it can eat but if it does it will kill itself, so all I can say is,,,don't do it, you will be even more happy just being sad as you wont have anything to get in your own way of keeping you in that state of being, if you understand this the gates of nirvana or what ever personal idealistic heaven is already yours, any movie that doesn't have a lesbian sex scene isn't much of a movie anyhow, and the only real sport or one that should be an Olympic event is lesbian jelly wrestling, if that don't make you not sad I don't know what will.
    By Frank blackcrow3 years ago