Emperor of the Sea - Episode 18 (4/4)


by Kim

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full episode is at this site http://zev.co.za/sphyn
By Dirtyroutine94451 2 weeks ago
is it so hol the girl who help yum moon,, i wish she will marry yum moon instead og junghwa, heheheh,,

elleboy:::: i wish too that yum moon will be the lead man in this movie,, heheheheh
By jerryjaz 5 years ago
Song iL Gook must be the lead man here.
By elleboj 5 years ago
this vedio is awesome
By raghvendra 7 years ago
Yum Moon has a good heart in a wrong group. He saved the the lady ang the emperor several times.
By gabrielgabriel2004 7 years ago
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