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    Hole (RED) (DVD and Gimmick) by Mickael Chatelain - Magic Trick

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    by World Of Magic

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    After long days of negotiation with Mickael we finally managed to talk him into letting go of a few of his pet creations -- effects that have made him among the best known French creators of magic in the world. Mickael will be offering a new collection of tricks curiosities and illusions throughout 2012
    The first effect or rather illusion is called HOLE. Since putting it online a few days ago HOLE has been the subject of much discussion in magic forums and clubs. After many inquiries into the availability of the trick in magic stores we have decided to release it.
    Lets take a look at the effect in detail
    The spectator examines a red card that has an approximately 1 hole through its center. Aside from the hole the card is perfectly ordinary. Take out a few self-stick labels and invite the spectator to choose and SIGN one of them.
    Take the top card of the deck and place the red card with the hole on top of it. Using the label hinge the two cards together at the bottom edge. Invite a spectator to verify that your construction is solid by pulling on it.
    Now you explain to your spectator that nothing can pass through the joined cards without tearing the label. The proof invite your spectator to take a card from the deck sign it and place it between your two attached cards. His card is still visible through the hole in the red card but as the spectator will note the label prevents all passage.
    Offer to realize the impossible -- to cause the passage of his card through the label without damaging it. An undisputed impossibility The passing of solid through solid
    Slowly place the spectators card between your two cards. Show both sides leaving no doubt that the spectators card is trapped and yet... Slowly the spectators card passes through the label as if it werent there. And yet you show right away that your construction is as solid as it was at the beginning
    A truly curious experiment made all the