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    Magic Planet vol. 5- Mega-Magic and HyperReality by Franz Harary and The Miracle Factory (DVD) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Remastered from the Magic Planet TV series
    Over 90 Minutes of Footage
    Franz Harary Presents Mega-Illusions
    Magicians from Around the World
    Stage and Close-up Performances
    Mega Magic
    Vanish of the Battleship Missouri
    Sports Car Materialization
    Time Machine
    Goodyear Blimp Transport
    Dematerialization of a Russian Tank
    Rios Christo Statue Disappears
    Car Disappearance
    Appearance of an Airliner
    Space Shuttle Vanish
    Argentina Appearing Girl
    Multiple Girl Production
    Cutting in Eights
    Aerial Vanish
    Spiker Illusion
    Robotic Sphere Appearance
    (All discs are mastered onto DVD-R media)