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    Losander- Elegant Illusion by Losander and The Miracle Factory - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

    Available from
    Over Two Hours of Visual Miracles
    Insights on Working with Loops
    Secrets of Bubble Magic
    Stage and Close-up Effects
    Hosted by Jeff Hobson
    Highlights include
    Automatic Dollar to Coins
    Bonus Reproduction Move
    Lighting and Angles for Thread Work
    Misdirection for Threads
    Floating Inflatable Ball
    Making an Object Look Motionless
    Floating Wand
    Bouncing Soap Bubbles
    Zombie Bubble
    Hovering Bubble
    Juggling Bubbles
    Working with Bubble Solutions
    The Plus-Size Elastic Thread Hookup
    Animated Bubbles
    Making Objects Float Convincingly
    Floating Cap (Performance only)
    Vanishing and Reappearing Silk
    Showmanship Tips
    Animation Techniques
    Adding Personality
    The Salt Game
    Palming a Tip
    Extending a Salt Pour
    Losanders Floating Bill
    The Psychic Gun
    Bubble Formulas