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    Brainwash by Sankey Magic - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    BRAINWASH is a reputation-making combination of magic and mentalism
    The spectator cuts the pack ANYWHERE they want TOTALLY FREE CHOICE
    EASY to perform Requires only the most BASIC sleight-of-hand
    You will be amazing people with BRAINWASH 5 minutes after opening the package
    The magic happens in the spectators own hands
    Hand out the deck to me CLOSELY EXAMINED at the end of the effect
    Use a different selection every time
    Guaranteed to astound under close-up AND stand-up conditions
    SPECIAL BONUS 1 Learn Jays LITMUS TEST effect
    SPECIAL BONUS 2 Learn the signed card handling of BRAINWASH
    Includes specially-printed cards you can use with ANY BRAND OF POKER-SIZED CARDS IN THE WORLD