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How to hide a late night with makeup Not necessarily a hangover.Really.
by Jessa Moore on 11/13/12
For reasons that will remain unstated, I was up all night, and it is just too late for the regret stamped all over my face. I look tired, really tired. Well-I will just have to fix it, since I really don’t want my boss asking any questions. After my usual meticulous cleansing and moisturizing regime of good old Cetaphil, I assess the damage. I know I can look alive here. Out comes the concealer with a vengeance, but what else needs to be done? I pull out my makeup and start sorting through. I look like a red eyed, puffy mess. But nothing a little color won’t fix, although I don’t want to overdo. The key trick here is to start with a clean slate, which means being extra careful with the concealer and foundation.

After Phase I of hydrating and smoothing inside and out is finished, Phase II begins. I choose a neutral shade of brown, a bone colored eyeshadow, a nice black mascara, and a black eye pencil. I look to make sure the browns have no copper or pink in them. (Who wears pink eyeshadow, anyway? You end up looking like a bunny.) Choosing the darker brown eyeshadow, I swipe it on my whole lid, to just above the crease, and gently below the lower lid. This creates a little halo around the eyes.(Don’t forget to move on to coffee about here. It is crucial.) Dab a little of the bone, which only needs to be lighter than the brown, but can have shimmer, on the inner and outer corners of the eyes, which need light to brighten them, and make them more alive. Take the black eye pencil and gently dab in between the lashes, and in a thin line around the eyes. Think definition, not Cleopatra. Blend,blend,blend. Repeat the words “soft not smoky, soft, not smoky” to retain focus. Step back and look carefully. The eyes should be defined, not dark. Add two coats of mascara. Think of getting to work. Grab a blush and sweep on. This, too, is crucial. Color on the cheeks makes you look healthy. Mom was definitely right in this case. After the blush, comes the final touch- a light lip stain. Voila.Step back and admire my handiwork. I look like I got a full eight hours. Phase III is now in place-getting out the door.
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