by Lou



No problem,Walter.Liked this song from the 1st time I heard it.
By Lou 3 years ago
OOPS !!! I must learn to spell correctly ! Should have typed "Paducah".
By Walter Gray 3 years ago
Love this one !! I have not heard it before today. I imagine that this "Paduca" will be the Paduca contained in the lyric of the song :"What Do They Do On A Rainy Night In Rio", as recorded by Bing Crosby;: "What do they do in old Paduca when there is no moon in sight? Well, that's what the do in Rio on a rainy night.".
By Walter Gray 3 years ago
Ah that's a relief, Lou! No irreversible damage was done then.
By kspm0220s 3 years ago
Patrick+Ginny,what I really meant wsa that the record jackets,boxes and the information booklets got a little damaged.The records themselves are OK.I had most all of the 28 jazz sets put out by Time-Life in 1978.
By Lou 3 years ago
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