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    Lee Jun Ki - One Word (Subbed) [MV]

    Annyon Kim

    by Annyon Kim

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    lee jun ki is the look so good..keep it up jun ki.. i love you so much,good health,fighting..
    By dm_50fe26d831a863 years ago
    thought i will faint when i hear this song... LEE JUN KI EU RAWK!! x33
    By HamstyHeaven7 years ago
    sarang hae yo.. jun ki!! you rock
    By charming_khalela9 years ago
    wowowowowow! that is an amazing song! thanks for the upload. (the song reminds me of what i am going through)
    By paula26939 years ago
    Huh ? How come no one commented this ?
    Lee Joon-ki sure is a great actor, I knew he could sing but never heard him before. The song is so cute... a bit sad though... but cute just like him ! ^^
    He was pretty girly in "the king and the clown" movie, but I'm looking forward to his next drama where his supposed to be an infiltred agent... something more manly. ^^'
    He showed us in the MV some great kicks, hope the drama will be as great and that a nice soul will be kind enough to share on dailymotion "time between dog and wolf". ^^
    Long comment, huh ?^_^
    thanks for sharing ! :-*
    By byleth29 years ago