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    Russia Builds Ski Resorts to Stem Terrorism

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    Ski resorts are being proposed in Russia to stem terrorism.

    Russia has plans to turn the tumultuous North Caucasus region into a thriving tourist destination with ski resorts and beaches in an effort to ward off terrorism.

    North Caucasus has been the location of violent Islamic fundamentalism and separatism, which is an atmosphere that may deter some tourists.

    Last year, terrorists were responsible for the death of 3 Russian tourists on Mount Elbrus, on the border of Russia and Georgia, and in North Caucasus 574 violent deaths were reported this year.

    Sochi, Russia will be the location for the 2014 Winter Olympics, and government officials are hoping the media attention will drum up interest in the area, which has been compared to the Rocky Mountains for its world class skiing.

    French companies have invested nearly 2 billion dollars into the ski resort development efforts, paying to install some ski lifts.

    France is the first foreign country to financially support the plan, but Russia is providing financial security to make sure that the investments are protected, even if the project is forced to stop due to violence or terrorist activity.