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    Prevue Channel Late 1996 (Reuploaded)

    Mr. MSTV Guide Channel

    by Mr. MSTV Guide Channel

    I finally got a hold of equipment allowing me to directly rip from my VHS tapes. Here is a re-tool of my 1996 Prevue video from February. Original description follows...

    This is the only actual Prevue Channel footage that I have which survived into the 2000s (that I am aware of). I used to have hours of it, but it got lost along the way. I recorded it from my TV, since it is the only method I have of extracting it (audio is direct, however). I apologize for the tape messing up throughout the whole thing... i was 7 years old when I recorded this and kept alternating between SP and EP, along with Rec/Pause at one point. I wish I had more, but the tapes I once had (from the era that "The Standard is Set" used to play at the bumper) have long since been gone. The listings are from Flint, MI (Comcast) and from the context I can guess it came from late November or early December 1996. One highlight from this one is the NFIP/FEMA commercial at the beginning...