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    SINOBALER - Standard Mill Size Baler

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    This is a SVBS2-300 Mill Sice Baler being used to bale cartons, film, OCC, ONP,office wasters and other packing material.

    Sinobaler Standard Mill Size Baler SVBS2-300, is a state of the art 30 ton baling press powered by a 10HP (7.5KW) motor and a 47 inch (1200 mm) Ram. It has an output capacity of 0.7 tons per hour, in bales of up to 1057 lbs (480kg). Output range is 2 to 3 bales per hour.

    The baler has several unique operating features, making the most efficient and versatile baler in the market place. Furthermor, the robust design and market leading build quality ensure many years of reliable operation.
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