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    White Noise

    by White Noise

    Ah, it's open season here my friend
    It always is; it always has been
    Welcome, welcome to the U.S.A.
    We're partying fools in the autumn of our heyday
    And though we're running out of everything
    We can't afford to quit
    Before this binge is over
    We've got to squeeze off one more hit
    We're workin' it
    Workin' it

    Soon you will be dancing face-to-face
    With the limits of ambition and the scars of the marketplace
    Welcome to the land of flame and fizz
    Where you will learn that packaging is all that heaven is

    We got the little black car, the little black dress
    Got the guru, the trainer, the full court press
    We got the software, hard drive, CD-ROM
    We got the
    We got the pager, cell phone, bootleg methaqualone
    The media, the message: you are what you own
    We got the agent, lawyer, lapdog, voyeur
    Talk show, book deal, round mouth, square meal

    We're so busy covering our asses, we just can't commit
    “Oh, back off, don't bother me, baby
    Can't you see I'm workin' it”
    Workin' it

    It's plain to see Miss Liberty has not yet come of age
    But, she loves to feed the animals as long as they're locked up in the cage
    And everybody knows the girl's got balls of brass
    Aw, kiss my ass

    We've got a whole new class of opiates
    To blunt the stench of discontent
    In these corporation nation-states
    Where the loudest live to trample on the least
    They say it's just the predatory nature of the beast

    But, the barons in the balcony are laughing
    And pointing to the pit
    They say, “Aw look, they've grown accustomed to the smell
    Now, people love that shit
    And we're workin' it.”
    Workin' it

    We got the short-term gain, the long-term mess
    We got the suffocating, quarterly consciousness
    Yes man, run like a thief

    New York to Hollywood, hype and glory
    Special effects, no story
    Yes man, run like a thief

    Workin' it
    Workin' it

    Well, you don't know who the enemy is
    You don't know
    You don't know who the enemy is

    Company man
    “Eight for me, one for you”
    (Workin' it)
    “Very fair”
    Business as usual, business as usual