Chaos (DVD and Gimmick) by Brad Addams - Magic Trick

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by World Of Magic

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Available from http://www.world-of-magic.co.uk
From The 1914 comes Chaos. Created by Brad Addams and taught by Dee Christopher.
Catch a selected card from the deck with no controls sleights or moves no thread no magnets no external gimmicks or hook-ups.
Perform the effect completely surrounded and with zero reset.
There have been card catch effects in the past involving tricky sleight of hand or various hook-ups with Chaos you can eliminate the difficulty and set-up. Everything is completely self contained so as long as your chaos deck is in your pocket youre set to go and create this devastating demonstration of skill.
Comes with a tuition DVD in a stylish digipak and a custom Bicycle deck.
Perform Surrounded.
No short and long cards no clipped corners or any other kind of location device.
Instant Reset.
Easy to do.
You could perform most of if not all of your other card effects with the chaos deck.
Comes with a bonus effect.
DVD contains live performances a studio performance to-cam performances and step by step expert tuition with multiple angles and close ups.
To say this thing blew my nuts off would be an understatement.
- Alan Rorrison (Creator of Theory 11s Smoke)
When I was first showed this it completly stumped me so effective but so easy
- Chris Webb (Gumslinger Prime)