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    SYLVANIA and the Safety Mom Team Up to Sharpen Back-to-School Driving Skills

    Synaptic Digital

    by Synaptic Digital

    In an effort to share an important lesson in back-to-school safety, SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting and Alison Rhodes, the Safety Mom, have joined forces to remind drivers to remove distractions and practice safe driving habits in order to see and be seen this back-to-school driving season.

    "Drivers should be aware that distractions, unsafe driving and limited visibility can create dangerous driving situations for everyone involved," said Rhodes. "With kids back to school and more pedestrians and motorists heading to and from school and after-school activities, drivers should remain extra cautious and consistently practice safe driving habits."

    With the addition of families on the go in rush hour traffic once school is back in session, the after-school hours have become one of the most dangerous times for both drivers and children, and not just in school zones. In fact, research shows that the rate of people killed in vehicle accidents is higher between the hours of 5 and 7 p.m. than any other time throughout the day.