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    Introducing Rebellin Linux - Adrenaline

    Utkarsh Sevekar

    by Utkarsh Sevekar

    Rebellin Linux is the next generation Debian based Linux distribution. It has 2 versions - Synergy and Adrenaline. This video gives a brief overview of Rebellin Linux 'Adrenaline'.

    Adrenaline is based on Debian Sid with several additional features to maximize its user friendliness. Extensions have been added to the Gnome Shell to make it easier to use while boosting the productivity of the environment. With essential apps and pre-installed codecs, Rebellin gives an out-of-the-box experience.

    Rebellin Linux is aimed at anyone who is interested in Linux since it is extremely easy to use and features almost every essential you'll need. Try Rebellin today. It won't disappoint you. In fact, you'll absolutely love it.

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