100 Oreo Cookie Challenge FAIL!

Ken Domik

by Ken Domik

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I thought I would try the 100 Oreo cookie challenge where you have to eat 100 Oreo cookies in 10 minutes... I failed badly.

I used the Canon 5D with the Canon Zoom Lens EF 24-105mm and the RODE Videomic.

Ken Domik

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Music by Kevin MacLeod

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Type Brand
Industry Food
Headquarters East Hanover, New Jersey, United States
Parent Nabisco (Kraft Foods)
Website Oreo.com
Oreo is a trademark for a popular cookie sandwich by the Nabisco Division of Kraft Foods.
Over 491 billion Oreo cookies have been sold since they were first introduced, making them the best selling cookie of the 20th century.[1] Its most recent packaging slogan is "Milk's Favorite Cookie", which is a slight change from the original, "America's Favorite Cookie" (though some packages in the U.S. still use the original slogan).
The company was first founded on March 6, 1912 in Chelsea, New York City.

The distinctive face of an Oreo cookie
The Oreo cookie was developed and produced by Nabisco in 1912[2][3] at its Chelsea factory in New York City. The original design of the cookie was simpler than the current design , with a wreath around the edge of the cookie and the name "OREO" in the center.[4] In the United States, they were sold for 25 cents a pound in novelty cans with clear glass tops. A newer design for the cookie was introduced in 1924.[4] A lemon-filled variety was available briefly during the 1920s, but was discontinued.[4] The modern-day Oreo design was developed in 1952 by William A. Turnier,[5] to include the Nabisco logo.
Oreo was launched as an imitation of the Hydrox cookie manufactured by the smaller Sunshine company, introduced in 1908. Having lost market share to Oreo for years, Hydrox cookies were withdrawn in 1999.
The product is distributed in the U.S. under the Nabisco brand name. In Canada, it is marketed under the Christie brand name.
The Oreo was originally called the Oreo Biscuit. The name was later changed to the Oreo Sandwich in 1921. In 1948, the name was changed again to the Oreo Creme Sandwich. It was then changed to the Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie in 1974
There are many theories pointing to the origin of the name 'Oreo', including derivations from the French word 'Or', meaning gold (as early packaging was gold), or the Greek word 'Oreo', meaning beautiful, nice or well done.[7] Other theories are that the 're' from cream was 'sandwiched' between the two Os from cookie, or the word 'just seemed like a nice, melodic combination of sounds'. A TV spot for the Got Milk? campaign showed a false etymology where, when at a board meeting to decide the name of the cookie, one of the members is asked for his opinion; the member, who just ate a cookie and does not have any milk to wash it down responds "I don't know," which is heard by the board member as "Oreo." "Oreo" is also similar to the Greek root for appetizing as in orexin or orexigenic (appetite stimulating) or anorexic (loss of appetite).
[edit]Advertising campaign
Nabisco began a marketing program in 2008, advertising the use of Oreo cookies in a game called DSRL, which stands for "Double Stuf Racing League." The DSRL was introduced one week prior to Super Bowl XLII. This sport had also been endorsed by football brothers Peyton Manning and Eli Manning.[8] Sisters Venus and Serena Williams have also joined, and challenged the Mannings to a race, which aired in an ad on January 18, 2009.[9] Another campaign started for Golden Double Stuf Oreo cookies with the brothers being challenged by Donald Trump & "Double Trump" played by Darrell Hammond; the date for this competition was January 24, 2010. The Mannings won in both cases. A new ad campaign is currently revolving around a 'Hooded Menace' threatening to take over the Double Stuf Racing League, and Eli Manning and Stufy (the DSRL mascot) needing some help airing beginning on or around September 14, 2010. Six days later, it was announced that Shaquille O'Neal and Apolo Ohno joined Oreo Double Stuf Racing League vets Eli Manning and Venus Williams.
Nabisco also held a worldwide Oreo Stacking Competition. Jordan White from the United States won the final contest.